Get out of Primavera and run wild to Plaça Reial, where I have to meet Sophie to go to Sidecar. Off Concert: Pete Shelley. Martin Atkins. Jon McClure. Susan’s Red Nipples. Unrepeatable. But there’s more, they have us hanging with a special guest that never arrived because it seems that Carl Barat is a fucking unpresentable.


Please, if someone has a photo of him NOT MOVING, contact me.

When we went down at the basement, there was a guy with a very enviable moustache and eyebrows. Look. And he had a guitar in his hands. This man was not a musician. He was a showman. Really. He played the guitar with all his body. And he hitted the stage with his foot. And he barely breathed. His name is Louis Barabbas, he would like to speak all the languages in the world, and you should see him life.

Then, there go the Susan’s. It was a surprise seeing Albert on the stage, but it seems like Bernat is on a trip and Bastante’s -the other Susan’s spanish band- bassist took the takeover. They seemed cool. But I can’t imagine how they must feel when they find out that Carl Barat, lider of the band that inspired them to form their own, wasn’t going to show up. It broke even my heart.


Anyway, they seem pretty happy here. But Carlos. This face? This pose? He brings it studied from home. I BET ON IT.                                                     

I’ve seem them a bunch of times. They’re all really good and Miquel has an amazing voice and they have a great life performance and full of strenght and guts and they always make me jump. But I never saw them playing acoustic. They sounded splendid. Even with the little problem with Sergi’s guitar, that was a fucking perfect concert. That’s because those guys always have fun on the stage. There’s always so much love up there.


I don’t have a single photograph during the concert. I was too busy DANCING, THANK YOU.

And of course, when the first “Gentleman” notes started playing, we go crazy jumping on the first row. We know it’s been a good gig when “Susan’s Red, Sons of Bitches” echoes through the veue. And it echoed.



From now on. Pete Shelley at the guitar and Martin Atkins and his fantastic hair at Carlos’ new drums. And I say new because it seems that wghen Atkins asked Carlos if he can hit it rough, Carlos said no. That the drums where new. Because fuck you, that’s why.

Well. They were big. HUGE. They made everone became crazy. The thruth is that the ambience by then was unsurpassable. It was like being surrounded by friends all of a sudden. And as good friends, we ended the night up hiting each other at “Ever fallen in Love” rythm.

I found these VERY NICE GIRLS in the bathroom.

ONce the gig ended, I met -almost- everyone going around Sidecar as it were their home. Martin Atkins is an amazing guy. He’s super kind and he has the Morgan Freeman kind of voice that makes you feel hipnotized. When I asked about which superpower would he choose if he could choose one, he said, and I’m quoting: “You don’t need any superpower. The light is in you. Give. Be nice. Bright someone’s day.” And I gave him a hug. Because, what else could I have done?


It’s the hair. It’s a chick magnet.

I asked Susan’s -well, not Sergi, he always get lost after gigs- if they had missed Bernat, but mostly to know if it was better or worse, y fuck. Miquel can be an asshole sometimes, but he’s a diplomatic juggler. Of course we missed him. PLaying with Bernat is like love. So many time together. Albert has a great presence on stage. He irradiates calm and good vibes. Yeah, okay. I realised too late that he didn’t answe my question. Dammit.


This hoto was made by Pete Shelley. Because I’m a fucking mess and in a backstage full of people, I ask Pete Shelley to took a picture of me.

As to everyone, I asked them about their superpowers. What shocked me the most, was that they didn’t thought about it much. Miquel wants to predict the future. Carlos wants to become other people at his will. Albert wants to fly. And Sergi wants to be a good person, and as much as I tried to convince him that teletransport was much cooler, it didn’t seem to matter.



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